Matthew T. Gettman, MD, Urology Department, Mayo Clinic – documents uncovered …

Internal records reveal a pattern of multiple urology patient complaints regarding Dr. Matthew Gettman. He has over-looked multiple lab pathology & cytology test results which lead to patient deaths from cancer. Apparently, Dr. Gettman attempted to pass the blame on to urology residents claiming he was not responsible for following up on pathology
Results. Dr. Matthew T. Gettman again placed the blame on the physicians in Primary Care Internal Medicine accusing them of not following up on patients that were referred to him.

Gettman is also accused of bait-and-switch with hundreds of unsuspecting patients. Dr. Matthew Gettman would meet with the patients for the initial consultation; however, he would send his urology residents in to perform the actual procedure without providing the residents with the patient’s background information. He failed to supervise the residents which lead to hundreds of unnecessary medical errors, and eventually patient deaths.
Unfortunately, Dr. Matthew Gettman only received a verbal reprimand, and these incidents of malpractice and negligence continue to happen. If Dr. Gettman had been held accountable for his negligence, he would not be continuing with this malpractice.
How many Mayo Clinic patient’s have to die before the Administration decides to make the physicians accountable for their negligence?


About ethicsinmedicine

I am newly married, two children, and work in the medical industry. My goal is to make changes in patient care by enforcing the law, and pushing for transparency, integrity, and accountability in health care facilities. The need for quality care for all patients especially the elderly, mental ill, and vulnerable.
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